Getting Hired

Although these resources will be helpful for those completing their graduate work, these pages are also useful for those just starting out. Use the Job Markets Advice page to learn more about the DH job market process in general, and the Job Boards to find recent job ads that might help you shape your training curriculum for the next several years. In the near future, we will also include a list of old relevant Job Ads that might be helpful for those trying to hone their career trajectories.

The Hiring Surveys, also coming soon, are responses to a survey by people who are in positions to hire digital humanists. Each respondent describes a hypothetical ideal candidate for a plausible position at their institution. Use the answers to help set some goals for yourself. Also, see in these answers that while job ads often ask for everything, the person who gets hired rarely checks every box. It’s usually better to spend your time becoming an expert in a few things than trying to stretch yourself across the wide expanse of DH.