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The majority of the information on this page comes courtersy of the dhnotes Funding page as of September 2019. dhnotes is as collaborative web projected created by Dennis Tenen and Alex Gil with support from the ACH.

Here is list of funding opportunities for Digital Humanities work. Some of the funding opportunities included are meant to be used solely on digital humanities, in other cases some general funding for the humanities can be applied towards digital humanities work. This simplified list derives from the more detailed list compiled with the help of the community using this shared spreadsheet on GoogleDocs.


The Association for Computers and the Humanities is a member of the Alliance for Digital Humanities Organizations. Together they provide much of the scaffolding for professional activities in the digital humanities in the United States and around the world, including some fellowship support. Together, they support several annual and semi-annual awards, travel bursaries, and small grants. See here for the most up-to-date information about their various offerings.

American Council of Learned Societies

The mission of the American Council of Learned Societies is “the advancement of humanistic studies in all fields of learning in the humanities and the social sciences and the maintenance and strengthening of relations among the national societies devoted to such studies.” This now includes some exciting support for the digital humanities.

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
ACLS Fellowships $35-65K based on rank September
ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowships Max 140K September
ACLS Digital Extension Grants Mak $150k December

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

The Council on Library and Information Resources is an independent, nonprofit organization that forges strategies to enhance research, teaching, and learning environments in collaboration with libraries, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning. They have two grants that are adjacent to Digital Humanities.

Grant Range (USD) Deadline
Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Enabling New Scholarship through Increasing Access to Unique Materials $50K to $250K March or April
Recordings at Risk $10K to $50K May and November


HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) is an interdisciplinary community of humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists, and technologists. HASTAC has a Scholars fellowship program for graduate and under-graduate students. Each year, about 100 scholars are accepted into a 2-year cohort of the program. HASTAC Scholars are partially sonspored by their home institution.

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
HASTAC Scholars $300 Oct 15

The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH)

The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) offers Visiting Fellowships for non-UVA faculty. Visiting Fellows are not required to be in residence in Charlottesville. Fellowships can take a variety of forms: a month-long residency in Charlottesville, a year-long networked editing project, an international conference to discuss metadata standards, and so forth. Visiting Fellows might spend all or part of the Fellowship period in resident at the IATH offices or conducting research at other institutions. The actual fellowship period, work performed, and end product will vary from one project to another.

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) Unfunded Rolling

Institute of Museum and Library Services

From the IMLS home page: “The mission of IMLS is to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement.”

Main website:

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
National Leadership Grants for Museums $5K-1M November
National Leadership Grants for Libraries Up to $1M September

The Kress Foundation

Through its Grant Programs, the Kress Foundation supports scholarly projects that promote the appreciation, interpretation, preservation, study and teaching of European art from antiquity to the early 19th century. These areas are also supported through our Fellowships. These competitive grants are awarded to institutions only.

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
Digital Resources Grants Program   April 1 and October 1

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress offers a number of fellowships for access toand research on its extensive collections.

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
Kluge Fellowships in Digital Studies $5k/month December

The Mellon Foundation

Scholarly Communications and Information Technology

The Scholarly Communications and Information Technology Program was formed in 2010 through the merger of the Programs on Scholarly Communications and Research in Information Technology. The office has funded initiatives ranging from specific scholarly projects to institutional infrastructure.

Main Website:

Mellon awards have a wide range. The Deadline for submission is usually 4 Months before one of the Board Meetings in March, June, September or December.


The NEH has several programs that offer grants appropriate for digital humanities work, including the Division of Public Programs, the Division of Preservation and Access, the Division of Education Programs and the Division of Research Programs. The Office of Digital Humanities focuses specifically on supporting a wide range of digital humanities work at many stages of a project.

The Office of the Digital Humanities

Main Website: Email:

Grant Range (USD) Deadline
Digital Humanities Advancement Grant Up to $325K January and June
Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities Up to $250K March
Digging into Data Challenge N/A Passed
NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication $5K per month April

Division of Public Programs

Main Website: Email:

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
Digital Projects for the Public $30-300K June

Division of Preservation and Access

Main Website:

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
Humanities Collections and Reference Resources max $350K July

Division of Research Programs

Main Website:

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
Fellowships $4,200/month May
Summer Stipends $6,000 September
Collaborative Research $25-100K September
Scholarly Editions and Translations $50-100K/year December

Division of Education Programs

Main Website:

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
Humanities Initiatives at Hispanic-Serving Institutions max $100K June
Humanities Initiatives at Historically Black Colleges and Universities max $100K June
Humanities Initiatives at Tribal Colleges and Universities max $100K June

National Historical Publications and Records Commission (National Archives)

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), a part of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), supports projects that promote the preservation and use of America’s documentary heritage essential to understanding our democracy, history, and culture.

Main website: E-mail:
Telephone: 202-357-5010

Grant Range(USD) Deadline
Innovation in Archives and Documentary Editing up to $150,000 with equal cost share October
Digitizing Historical Records up to $150,000 with equal cost share June


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Although the Sloan Foundation has traditionally leaned towards the sciences, their interest in scholarly communications sometimes places them this side of the digital humanities.

The National Science Foundation

The NSF occasionally has grants that support DH adjacent projects. Check their page annually to see what they are offering.

Small Private Foundations

Foundation Range(USD) Deadline
AXE-Houghton   rolling
Gladys Brooks Foundation   Monthly
Heineman Foundation   1-Sep
Scherman Foundation    
Starr Foundation    
Spencer Foundations    


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